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The Psychiatric Survivors Community

Psychiatric Survivors
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My name is Krissy and I created this community for people who have been diagnosed with a "mental illness" and survived the perils of mental health industry. My story.

If you've ever taken psychiatric medications, please feel free to take the following surveys --
Part One
Part Two

Do you think you have residual damage from being on pysch meds in the past? Need some support while going through the withdrawl of psychiatric medication? Have you had bad experiences in hospitals? Do want to find altneratives to psychiatric medications? Then this community is right for you.

Introduce yourself if you wish...and share stories! It's always good to know we're not alone. However, if you just want to lurk, that's cool too!

Other communities of interest:

Please join us!

**This is a safe haven for people to talk and discuss...some entries are public, some private...but I've made comments to be FRIENDS ONLY so people feel safe posting serious things. Thanks. AND PLEASE DO NOT JOIN THIS COMMUNITY JUST TO POST SOMETHING AND THEN UNJOIN. It's incredibly disrespectful of the people in the community.

*****THIS IS A DRAMA-FREE ZONE. This community is for users to support each other; like I said a safe haven. If you personally attack ANYBODY, I will NOT hesitate to ban you from the group.
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