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A Diet That Has Helped Me

Well, I am bad at introductions, but here is goes. My name is Noah and I have suffered from autism and a host of other degenerative diseases for my whole life, due to a mercury-filled vaccine I was given as an infant. However, I recently started a new diet that has proven to be at least somewhat effective for me. The diet basically consists of cutting out all unnatural substances, such as artificial flavors and colors, but also many other substances that are labeled as natural, but are, in fact, as synthetic and dangerous as aspartame, just to name an example.

The substances I've avoided include corn syrup, which is actually an extremely deceptive label - corn syrup is a completely synthetic chemical, and even though it's made from corn, it does not occur naturally in any food whatsoever. Corn syrup actually is only a few decades old, and actually was almost outlawed by the FDA. However, the FDA gave into pressure from food industry lobbyists, even though research had shown that corn syrup is a very dangerous chemical that damages the entire nervous system, screws up blood sugar levels, depletes the body's nutrients, causes anxiety, irritability and fatigue, increases hunger and causes weight gain. It is a major cause of diabetes as well as obesity.

Other substances that I avoid now include:
*Wheat - very difficult to digest.
*Sugar - messes up blood sugar levels and depletes the body's nutrients.
*Cow's milk - very difficult to digest.
*Cheese (except for goat cheese) - even more difficult to digest than cow's milk.
*Canned foods - contain tons of toxins, nearly impossible to digest properly.
*Flour - this may come as a surprise, but it turns out that flour actually consists of the shell of grains. In other words, wheat flour is just the husk of the wheat seeds with the wheat germ removed, which contains most of the nutrition found in the wheat seeds. Eating flour is therefore about as healthy as eating a cardboard box. Sprouted grain, on the other hand, still has the whole grain, but breads labeled as "whole grain" that aren't made from sprouted grain do NOT actually have whole grains in them. Yet another deception by the food industry.
*Fermented foods - very difficult to digest, harmful to the digestive tract.
*All synthetic chemicals, like artificial flavors, caffeine, alcohol, etc.

Foods I've eaten alot of include:
*Cooked vegetables (except potatoes, yams, and other tubers) - very easy to digest, and high in nutrients and minerals.
*Goat milk - easy to digest, safer than cow's milk.
*Sprouted grains - actually the way nature intended them to be.
*Fresh fruits (but not fruit juice) - good source of safer sugars that don't metabolize too quickly and thereby screw up blood sugar levels.
*All foods I eat are now organic - pesticides in our food really do harm us!

This diet, as I said before, has helped me quite a bit. Psychiatric medications I am forced to take, however, just make my condition much worse, but this diet is completely safe, unless you happen to be allergic to the suggested foods. This diet is specifically suited to people like us, who have had very bad reactions to psych meds and need a safe and natural way to stabilize our minds and bodies. Try it out - it can't hurt, and might make a big difference in your life.

Best Wishes,

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